Marlin Environmental Services has extensive experience in cleaning and maintaining a host of ventilation systems throughout the most vital areas of any ship; including accommodation, galley, laundry, hospital, control room and staff areas.

Regular cleaning and maintenance is crucial to ensuring air supply and extraction systems are compliant with current health and safety and insurance guidelines, as well as industry best practice, keeping air supplies to an occupied area to a compliant standard.

All work is undertaken in accordance with current guidelines and is certificated on completion, with a detailed customer report where required.

Duct and vent cleaning

Marlin technicians are qualified and experienced in undertaking full extraction system cleans, including extensive filter work.

We use the latest monitoring and cleaning techniques, including powerful extraction fans and mechanical brushing, to ensure that all debris is removed from within the ventilation trunking. If required, fogging machines can be used on completion of cleaning, to help eradicated any biological growth.

Air Handling Unit and Coil Cleaning

The coil, located in the air flow path of the vent, directly affects the rate of air flow, so without regular cleaning, blockages in the coil cause the system to become inefficient. Blockages decrease the amount of air passing through, which increases the pressure drop, in turn increasing power requirements, resulting in higher energy costs.

As a result, coil cleaning has become a specialised area of care within ventilation systems, which Marlin carries out using state of the art cleaning methods including compressed air and brushing, plus the application of anti-fungal biocide, to ensure a thorough and lasting impact.

Regular cleaning and maintenance ensures efficient ventilation throughout your system.