Waste & Sewage

Waste Management Services

Marlin Environmental Services draws on a wealth of knowledge and experience in waste management and sewage systems, now spanning more than four decades of serving our customers and fulfilling a range of needs across maritime and land based industrial sectors.

We can provide a seamless, end to end service for your speed and convenience, or carry out specific tasks, as required.

Sewage systems

Our skilled technicians will design and project manage the installation, maintenance and service of your sewage treatment plants, vacuum, toilet and gravity sewage systems to your specification and requirements.

As part of our comprehensive cleaning and maintenance service, our team will:

  • Carry out a complete survey of your system to identify problem areas
  • Identify and repair defects
  • Make recommendations for improved efficiency
  • Clean the pipe work systems back to full bore, using our proprietary Calciclean technology
  • Check the cleanliness of the system by inspection with our camera equipment

All is completed with little or no disruption to your ship’s staff or operations and certification is provided for all work on completion.

Waste Services

Marlin provides a full range of planned and unplanned environmental waste services, covering collection, transport and disposal of all liquid waste using vacuum road tankers or bunded barrels, before carrying out a full clean of your systems.

We are fully ADR compliant and certificated.

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