Duct & Ventilation systems

Ducts and ventilation are the skeleton of any ship, connecting and supplying vital air to all areas, including accommodation, the galley, laundry, hospital, control room, staff and customer zones.

Our highly trained technicians will overhaul, clean, and maintain any number of ventilation systems, to keep ducts and vents in optimal working order.

The importance of air hygiene and keeping vent systems working

Through regular use, ducts and vents naturally see a build-up of grease, particles and bacteria which can cause health and fire hazards, as well as increasing the mean time before failure.

Carrying out regular maintenance on ventilation and extraction systems, therefore, is crucial to ensuring they keep any air supplied to an occupied area to a compliant standard, in line with current Health & Safety regulations and insurance guidelines, as well as keeping your systems working efficiently.

Using powerful extraction fans and mechanical brushing, we ensure that all debris is removed from within the ventilation trunking, reducing the risk of blockages or a decrease in the flow of clean air.

If required, fogging machines can be introduced on completion of cleaning, to help eradicated any biological growth.

Our technicians are also fully trained on assembly, installation, and strip down on a multitude of systems, all with the aim of improving efficiency and reducing unscheduled down-time for you.

A thorough process

Working with leading international maritime companies as well as the MOD, our processes are thorough:

  • A full risk assessment, method statement and COSHH report is carried out for each task
  • A site survey is performed with you, showing the duct and vent layouts
  • A proposal of costs and requirements to clean the system is provided
  • We complete the task with full photographic pre- and post-work report and certification provided
  • Access panels are installed where required and necessary
  • We create and manage a cleaning schedule for multiple-sites, where needed, giving you peace of mind
  • If required, we also use independently licensed laboratory testing for microbial growth before and after decontamination

We are also proud to be members of NAAD (National Association of Air-Duct cleaners) which sets and promotes standards within the industry and requires members to be trained and assessed to the highest standards.