Cleaning & Maintenance

We specialise in cleaning and maintenance for the marine sector and provide expert solutions in chemical, Aqua blasting, Calci-clean and ultrasonic cleaning, among other techniques for pipe work, vents, ducts and all sewage systems.

Marlin provides bespoke cleaning solutions throughout the marine and industrial sectors, with vast experience in all aspects and methods of cleaning, from chemical, aqua blasting and ultrasonic, to hydraulics and specialist cleaning.

Our skilled consultants, technicians and engineers deliver comprehensive ongoing and contingent maintenance services for marine, offshore and land-based equipment and facilities, which cover the full spectrum of vents, ducts, pipework, tanks, pumps, valves, heat exchangers and coolers. We have evolved and expanded our services over the years by filling in the gaps between cleaning, maintenance, and engineering services, and finding ways to provide a more seamless experience for our customers.

This has led to the development of our closed loop technology, which has revolutionised the cleaning of coolers, condensers, evaporators, and calorifiers. Our innovative process enables us to manage all diagnostics, cleaning and pressure testing in situ, which completes the job and gets your systems back up and running immediately, with no-nonsense, no mess and minimal disruption.

We also have our own front-line Confined Space Rescue Teams in house, at the HM Naval Bases in Portsmouth and Plymouth dockyards, ensuring the safety of our teams and our partners.