Specialist cleaning

As specialists in the cleaning and maintenance arena, our technicians and service engineers are experienced in an array of cleaning methods in marine, commercial and land-based industries, which is put to use in our dedicated Ultrasonic Cleaning and Aqua-blasting Centre, here on the south coast.

Ultrasonic cleaning

We are proud to have one of the largest commercially accessible ultrasonic cleaning tanks in the UK, at 4,000 litres, for small, larger scale and volume equipment cleaning.

On a daily basis, our facility handles marine, aviation, catering, engineering, automotive & industrial parts and assemblies from small engine parts to ship propellers and large aircraft components, as well as a host of household items.

A cost-effective method with a fast turnaround, our ultrasonic cleaning tank can accommodate individual parts up to 2m x 1.5m x 1.5m in size and effectively removes crude & heavy oil, carbon deposits, algae, calcium, light oil, limescale, oxidation, swarf and surface contamination.

The ultrasonic cleaning process is environmentally friendly, as the cleaning solution is mainly water, which doesn’t scratch or abrade surfaces – ideal for precision instruments and tools or painted surfaces.

Aqua blasting complements the ultrasonic service as part of the cleaning and refurbishment process, as and when needed, and is available as a stand-alone option as well.


Also known as vapour blasting, this is a non-aggressive cleaning method using the application of extremely high-pressure water.

Aqua-blasting removes surface dirt and grime from metal components without abrading the surface and is effective on almost any metal, including aluminium, bronze, magnesium, titanium, brass and copper.

The process thoroughly cleans items inside and out, including deep finning, holes, hollow tubes and complex structures or areas inaccessible by conventional methods.

Working in conjunction with ultrasonic cleaning, aqua blasting can return a component back to an ‘as new’ condition.

As with ultrasonic cleaning, current aqua blasting customers come from the marine, aviation, catering, engineering, automotive & manufacturing industries.