Tanks and pipework

Pipework is the backbone of any ship; connecting all areas to supply and remove vital substances, so planned or unplanned system down-time of tanks and connecting pipework needs to be kept to a minimum.

Marlin’s highly trained technicians and service engineers have vast experience of specialist cleaning in marine, commercial and land-based industries and this pays dividends in the speedy diagnosis they apply to each cleaning job.

Our teams are experienced in all aspects of pipework systems including gravity drainage, vacuum sewage or pressure pipework, and will speedily identify the most effective cleaning process required for the pipework involved. Our teams are fully equipped to carry out chemical cleaning, hydraulic flushing, biocide, and can even refer parts to our ultrasonic cleaning and aqua blasting centre on the south coast.

Pipework integrates with tanks in nearly all instances at some point in the system and our technical experience in cleaning, maintaining and treating tanks is impressive and covers bilge tanks, ballast, sewage, drainage, fire water and exhaust systems, cooling water, and chilled water tanks.

Confined space specialists

Tanks are high risk environments and require a Confined Space Rescue team on site whilst work is being carried out. As specialists in this area, we have our own teams and also provide Confined Space safety training for customers.

Innovating for you

We have developed our own innovative closed-loop technology for chemical cleaning, which eliminates the need to strip systems, providing you with a speedier, more cost-effective solution, with reduced system down-time; scheduled or otherwise.

Our standard is to always work effectively and efficiently across the board, to keep pipes flowing and tanks operating in optimal working order, resulting in down-time being kept to a minimum.