Chemical cleaning

Marlin Environmental Services is proud to have revolutionised the cleaning of coolers, condensers, evaporators, boilers and calorifiers. With minimised disruption, no nonsense and no mess, systems can be chemically cleaned using Marlin’s closed-loop process.

Our closed-loop process

Our revolutionary process enables us to manage all diagnostics, cleaning and pressure testing in situ, which completes the job and gets your systems back up and running immediately.

This efficient closed-loop technology eliminates the need to strip systems, coolers, condensers, evaporators or calorifiers and the need for alternating spares, providing you with a speedier, more cost-effective solution which reduces system down-time; scheduled or otherwise.

Our technicians and service engineers have vast experience of specialist cleaning in marine, commercial and land-based industries and this pays dividends in the speedy diagnosis they apply to each cleaning job.

They can quickly pinpoint where best to enter the pipework, sewage, heating or cooling system, to apply chemical cleaning equipment for optimum results. Cleaning fluids are flushed through the system under pressure, to break down the build-up of oil, sewage, calcium or marine growth in the system.

All systems are checked via our camera facility or flow meter after cleaning, to ensure effectiveness and efficiency of the system, so the entire cleaning process can be carried out and the system back in use within 24 hours.

Marlin manages the process from start to finish, with the focus on seamless delivery for you. It is also an environmentally friendly and efficient way of managing cleaning waste.

Our approach

Whatever needs doing is done, with a no-nonsense approach, from providing risk and method statements for each individual job, plus COSHH evaluation, to delivering an exceptional cleaning service, with report if needed, for sign-off from you.