Pumps & valves

Over the years, we have acquired a vast knowledge and experience in the overhaul of various types of pump and valves within every marine, commercial and industrial application.

Our dedicated pump workshop is fully equipped with a pump testing system which can carry out a full machine health data collection and analysis check using state of the art machine monitoring equipment.

Our professional benchmark test facility for 1” and 4” pipework measures flow rates, vibrations, pressures, and suctions, leaking mechanical seals, electrical motor readings, insulation test and motor RPM, backed up with assured certificated repair.

All valves are stripped back to their basic components and cleaned using our state-of-the-art ultrasonic cleaning tank, ensuring all contaminants are removed.

On completion of cleaning, flange faces are carefully inspected for defects or damage and are machined if required. Seat and disc faces are machined as needed and then lapped to ensure a perfect seal.

All packaging and seals are replaced using material suitable for the application. Valves are then re-built, pressure tested and painted as per customer guidance.

Each individual pump is released on completion, with test certification and a full report of all work carried out.