Heat exchangers and coolers

Heat Exchangers

The lifespan of a heat exchanger is directly impacted by the build-up of limescale, oil and other lubricants, which all affect how efficiently it does its job.

Whether your system relies on tube or plate heat exchangers, regular, thorough and professional maintenance and cleaning is vital, to avoid expensive breakdowns – both in time and cost.

Plate heat exchangers require particularly careful and experienced handling, as plates need to be individually cleaned, checked for fissures or cracks and fitted with new gaskets, if required.

Air coolers

Air coolers cool the air that a ship’s engine needs during combustion, so the cooler the air, the more efficient the combustion. A clean and well-functioning air cooler cools better and ensures your ship’s engine uses less fuel and emits less CO2.

Air coolers can become contaminated with dust particles or dirt deposits from exhaust gases and often pipes through which cooling water flows become blocked with limescale, losing their efficiency.

Coolers can also be susceptible to corrosion through contact with seawater, often the water source on ships, so need regular cleaning and maintenance to retain their efficiency and lengthen their lifespan.

Additionally, where box coolers are located in the hull of a ship, they are in direct contact with outside water, so can also experience a build-up of algae, floating dirt or barnacles.

Using a combination of high-volume washing, ultrasonic cleaning, close proximity jetting and rinse cycles, with controlled chemical cleaning, Marlin ensures even the most difficult to reach places are effectively reached and a thorough job is carried out.

As part of our cleaning service, we will fully restore the capacity of your cooler and extend its life by applying a protective coating.

This thorough process, carried out on a regular basis, ensures down time of your engines is kept to a minimum, and only ever when planned!