Marine Engineering

Marine engineering ensures your boat is reliable and safe at sea...

The Project

A 14-year-old, Monticello Doral power boat

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Marine Engineering

Project location

Marlin Head office at Chichester Marina

Project scope

Annual servicing includes oil change, checking or replacing the belts and making sure things are in good working order. Where we’ve needed to, we’ve provided some ad hoc repairs as well: checking the oil compressor pump and turbo, repairing the alternator, replacing the drive belt, compressor belt and power steering alt v-belt.


This mature ‘lady’ has been coming to us for two years for her annual service. With increasing problems arising for all of us as we grow older, the care of this 14-year old was vital, to nip any potentially fatal problems in the bud!

Customer challenges

The boat’s owner lives in Kent and being remote, he needed reliable, experienced and knowledgeable engineers who could find any fault on his boat and repair it properly! He needed a time and cost-effective solution and the peace of mind that, with the berth on our door step, we can be trusted to get the job done.

Marlin's approach

Marlin's solutions