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Top tips for summerising an outboard

Top tips for summerising an outboard

So, you may be eager and ready for the season ahead but is your boat? Hopefully you winterised your outboard last season, so all the checks were carried out then. If not, here’s a basic check list to help you on your way to being ‘ship shape and Bristol fashion’

Recommissioning your outboard for the new season ensures your outboard is in good working order.

The following checklist will guide you on just some of the host of tasks that need doing before winter takes hold.

Please note: Avoid injury through accidental starting, by removing the propeller from your outboard before proceeding.

  • Check all spare parts, tools and replace as necessary. 
  • Everyone will say it to you! If your outboard hasn’t been serviced already, we do advise you carry out a service on your outboard before the new season.
  • Top up with fresh fuel and prime fuel system.
  • Check batteries are all fully charged. If not, charge and check. You may need to buy new.
  • Connect the batteries and run up your engine to test batteries and engine is all working ok.

Note: We recommend flushing saltwater out of the engine after each use, but this rarely gets done! So, thoroughly flush your engine with clean, fresh water by running your outboard at an idle speed for 5-10 minutes. Never leave your engine running alone.

This list is certainly not finite, but we hope it provides a guide on some of the main tasks that need carrying out when getting your boat ship shape for the Spring.

If this list has put you off, we're here to help! Recommissioning is one of the services we provide here at Marlin, so if you'd like to book your boat in with us, please give us a call or pop in when you're next passing us in Chichester Marina.