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Top tips for Summerising an inboard engine

So, you may be eager and ready for the season ahead but is your boat? Hopefully you winterised your boat last season, so all the checks were carried out then. If not, here’s a basic check list to help you on your way to being ‘ship shape and Bristol fashion’ 

Recommissioning your inboard engine for the new season ensures your engine is in good working order

If you enjoy maintaining your own boat, then this simple checklist should remind you of just some of the host of tasks that need doing before the boating season starts.

If you don't enjoy maintaining your own boat, then just give us a call and we can do it for you!

  • Check all spare parts, tools and replace as necessary
  • Carry out the usual antifouling process
  • Everyone will say it to you! If your engine hasn’t been serviced already, we do advise you carry out a service on your engine before the new season.
  • If you covered your engine with anti-rust paper, remove this and carry out a visual inspection on the engine. Checking for any leaks.
  • Check all the levels in the engine compartment and then check the bilge for any excess water. If the bilges are wet give them a good clean ensuring it is completely dry beneath the engine.
  • If you waited to change the impeller during the Winter season, now is the time to change the impeller.
  • If your boat is out the water be sure to check your anodes.
  • Empty water tanks and replenish with fresh water.
  • Check batteries are all fully charged. If not, charge and check. You may need to buy new.
  • Connect the batteries and run up your engine to test batteries and engine is all working ok

This list is certainly not finite, but we hope it provides a guide on some of the main tasks that need carrying out when getting your boat ship shape for the Spring.

If this list has put you off, we're here to help!