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The importance of anodes!

The importance of anodes!

Did you know…When a boat is sat afloat it becomes a giant battery! A boat is made up of various metals, so when there are two different metals physically or electrically that connect in water, they become a battery. This will then create an electrical current between the metals. The electrical current created from your boat being in the water causes galvanic corrosion and to stop this you need to add a third metal.

Anodes are easily missed but super important, they play a very important role in boat maintenance. Anodes are designed to stop galvanic corrosion from occurring and destroying the metals on the hull of your boat. How does an anode stop this?...A anode becomes the third metal needed to save the boats metal, the anode sacrifices itself to the electrical current.

Picking up an anode isn’t as easy as taking it off the shelf! There is a wide variety of types specific to the hull’s materials as well as the type of water your boat is sat on. So, if there is little or no corrosion on your anode this might indicate that something is wrong, this could mean that corrosion is happening elsewhere on your boat. It could mean the wrong type has been fitted to the boat or your anode isn’t bonded to either the battery or engine through an earth wire.

We are frequently asked ‘how often should I change my boat anodes’ this really is dependent on how your boat is stored. If your boat is afloat throughout the year, then we would suggest you check your anodes every six months. It is best to check your anodes as often as possible, as for example if your boat was between a steel boat and a metal pontoon the electrical current would attack your boat fist with it acting as a magnet. This would mean your anodes life span wouldn’t last as long. However, if your boat is ashore for a long period of time you may not need to change them as often. A general rule of thumb is to replace the anodes when they are about half their size.

Even though anodes may be small, they play a very important role in boat maintenance, making it imperative that you know what they are and why they’re needed. So, make it a rule to check your boat anodes and change them when needed.