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Planes, Trains & automobiles… need ultrasonic cleaning

Planes, Trains & automobiles… need ultrasonic cleaning

With the largest commercially available ultrasonic cleaning tank in the south of England, it’s not surprising that we see a host of weird and wonderful items come through our facility!

We’ve had parts from classic car and aircraft engines; aviation components and filters from a Cornish pasty company! The latest remarkable order to come through our Ultrasonic Cleaning Centre is 1000 stainless steel tubes which have come to us from a component manufacturing company, as part of the ongoing manufacturing process.

Our client manufactures machined components and assemblies for a host of industries including: oil and gas, aerospace, nuclear and marine and after we’ve ensured these tubes are as clean as they can be, we will be shipping them off to the Far East for the next part of their construction.

We’ve yet to find an item we can’t clean…!