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Marlin Provides Full service for Submarine Sewage Systems

Marlin Provides Full service for Submarine Sewage Systems

With regular Babcock and BAE contracts for the MOD keeping us busy over the years, with a steady flow of ship vacuum and discharge pumps needing thorough services and overhauls.

We have previously carried out several overhauls on different vacuum and discharge pumps, for a variety of vessels and have now been asked to overhaul 100 macerator pumps, for submarine toilets at a cost-efficient alternative to purchasing new pumps. Due to consistent delivery within time frames and getting previous jobs completed to a high expectation, often at short notice, we were also confident that we could service, repair and overhaul 100 macerator pumps in 3-4 months, within the manufacturer’s specification.

The support of our fully-equipped workshop in Chichester which is also located next to our ultrasonic cleaning centre, made this task achievable. With ultrasonic cleaning as part of the process, our approach to pump overhauls is more thorough than ever. On arrival of the macerators they are split from the motors, then put through the ultrasonic cleaning tank making them safe to handle. While the macerators are being ultrasonically cleaned, it means our in-house electrical engineer Ian James can electrically test the motors, checking the continuity, resistance and a general inspection.

After dismantling the macerators, the components are put through the ultrasonic cleaning tank for a second cycle allowing our engineers to see if they are damaged further. After ultrasonic cleaning they are all fully inspected, by our experienced engineers, then are serviced or repaired before being put back together again.

On completion of pump overhaul, our pump testing rig is used to test for leaks and the performance ensuring the pumps are working to manufactures specification before we release them back to the MOD.

We were delighted to have been given this opportunity to overhaul 100 macerators for the submarine fleet!