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Marlin provides full service for BAE and Babcock Pumps

Regular Babcock and BAE contracts for the MOD have kept us busy over the years, with a steady flow of ship vacuum and discharge pumps needing thorough services and overhauls.

Our fully-equipped workshop in Chichester is located next to our ultrasonic cleaning centre, which provides one of the largest commercially available ultrasonic cleaning tanks in the south of England. With ultrasonic cleaning as part of the process, our approach to pump overhauls is more thorough than ever. After dismantling the pumps, components are put through the ultrasonic cleaning tank, after which they are all fully inspected, by our experienced engineers, then are serviced or repaired before being put back together again.

With an increasing number of pumps coming our way for servicing and overhaul, we invested in our workshop even further, and now make very regular use of our complete pump testing rig, which tests pressure and valves are working correctly before we release the pumps back to the MOD

So far, with our Marlin crews working in Portsmouth and Plymouth, as well as Faslane, we have had the pleasure to overhaul twenty vacuum and discharge pumps for HMS Richmond, Northumberland, Kent, Lancaster and Portland. We have even been lucky enough to overhaul submarine sewage pumps!