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Marlin is Going Green(er)…!

Marlin is Going Green(er)…!

Here at Marlin Environmental we are always looking for the next thing to be more environmentally friendly, whether it’s by reducing our carbon foot print or finding new eco-friendly chemicals to use.

Across Marlins three sites, we have a large impact on how much paperwork is printed but never the less this is soon to change. There is always room for improvements, and we are pleased to say we will be testing out tablets to become a paperless company!

Going paperless will help to improve our process efficiency by saving time, it will also make it easier to back up work and keep it even more secure. Further to this using a tablet will reduce the impact on the environment and money spent on paper and printers.

We will be testing out our paperless trail at our Portsmouth and Plymouth sites first and then rolling it out across the whole company.

We will keep you updated on our paperless journey as it continues to grow across Marlin.