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GDPR and Marlin

GDPR and Marlin

We are party to much sensitive information in our daily work here at Marlin and so we very much welcomed the new General Data Privacy Regulation when it came in at the end of May.

All our customers were supplied with our GDPR Compliance statement, which were provided to our main contacts in Procurement and Accounts departments and, in return, we requested a copy from each of our customers. If you haven’t yet seen a copy of our GDPR Compliance Statement, we’d be happy to provide it to you – please contact our Data Controller, Mary-Ann Robinson and she will be more than happy to send a copy to you.

Our Privacy Policy was updated well in advance of the end of May deadline, which you can link to on the home page of our website or click through to here. We carried out a thorough review of what information and data we keep on our staff, our customers and visitors – it’s amazing what people claim to keep, ‘just in case’, but with GDPR in situ, no more! We reviewed our systems, our database and file permissions and are pleased with the level of ‘housekeeping’ we carried out.

If you have any concerns about data privacy and security, as far as Marlin is concerned, or you need an additional copy of our compliance statement, please contact our Data Controller, Mary-Ann Robinson.